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Hugh Hefner Quot Teenage Sons Have Had Enough Of His Monkey Business

C is a guy who can live t appreciate the simple pleasure of face-kicking sister or a menagerie of marsupials? There are two, in reality, and are the children of teenage Hugh Hefner. Meet Marston (left) and Cooper (meeting ) Who had the pleasure sensors dulled by growing because of HEF Holmby Hills estate, where their birthday cakes semper had naked ladies inside and were taught eighth grade algebra roaming by a peacock..
16.12.08 09:36

Desperate Housewives A Quot Choking Risk Quot

Office of Fair Trading inspectors conducted the blitz of Christmas to more than 200 companies inspected and 5760 points, and netted a haul of gifts potentially dangerous. Miniature doll-expanding as toys, including a model of the television series Desperate Housewive were at the top of the inspectors hit list..
16.12.08 09:36

Kanye West Quot Embarassing On Stage Voice Effect Malfunction

U.S. Hip-Hop star Kanye Wests gargantuan ego has been put in grave control the weekend, when his sound Autotune plug-in effects during a single performance on Saturday Night Live, leaving the singer sound like a karaoke reject..
16.12.08 09:36

John Malkovich To Play Serial Killer In Austrian Play

In The Infernal Comedy, who first in Vienna, Austria next July, the Unterweger recounts his life while sopranos who are its victims classical singing arias. John Malkovich is preparing to play a real-life serial murderess Austrian-trial in a new musical game. According to reports, the actor has the role of Jack Unterweger, who was convicted in a string of prostitute murders in Austria and the United States between 1974 and 1992 before committing suicide in prison in 1994.
16.12.08 09:35

Sigourney Weaver Talking Ghostbusters 3 And Alien 5

Every time new information comes along, and that brings a smile to my face. Genre legend and still Smokin hot Sigourney Weaver did talk a little lately on two projects that are near and dear to all fans of horror heart: Ghostbusters 3 and ALIEN 5 !.
16.12.08 09:35


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